University or Professional school courses

Fitting into a general or specific curriculum, I will accompany future professionals in the medical, paramedical and teaching fields : teachers, nurses, psychologists, doctors, special education professionals, etc. – as they take into consideration how intimacy, and sexuality of their patients or clients will affect their daily work activity.


These future professionals will need to take into consideration children and adolescents that they will be caring for. These professionals will be in an ideal situation to help patients and clients better understand their changing bodies and minds and the limits of intimacy.


We will also explore the teaching possibilities available to them as they will navigate through delicate subjects with their clients and patients.

Intervenant Universite - Formation Éducation Sexuelle - Sheila Warembourg

Objectives of the coursework

  • Identify the limits and strategic concerns in the large domains of disability, mental health and/or the school environment
  • Become aware of the role they can play and the limits they have as a professional in the intimate or sexual life of a patient or client
  • Open up to the specific needs of children, teens, adults, seniors, people with disabilities or mental health issues … in their identity as a boy/girl, man/woman, their gender identity, vulnerability and strengths
  • Take into consideration the intimate life, relationships and sexuality of patients and clients living and working in an institutional setting and how close family members can intervene
  • Identify teaching methods and adapted teaching tools that will help children, teens, adults or people with specific learning or communication needs
Programme Education Affective Relationnelle et Sexuelle