Professional training

Professional training within a teaching structure, day activity or home structure

Professional training for medical and para-medical professionals, teachers and Social workers who wish to gain specific competence in relationships, intimacy and sexuality issues among those hosted in a care facilities, school and school integration programs.

Professional training to facilitate expression groups

Create or join this professional training to learn how to facilitate Discussion Groups about intimacy and sexuality.

Education programs and Discussion Groups about intimacy, relationships and sexuality for disable children, adolescents and adults.

Discussion Group facilitation

Evening Discussion and Debate facilitation

Sex Therapy Consultations for women or men

Comprehensive Sexuality Education Programs

Sheila Warembourg Ott

Professional training in Sexology and Public Health

Professional trainer, specialized in Sexology and Public Health, I offer theoretical and practical training for all medical and para-medical health professionals, special education teachers and all other Social workers accompanying children, adolescents adults and elderly people. I have a specific focus and expertise in working with people with mental, intellectual, sensory and physical disabilities.

Conference speaker and facilitator

Conferences about intimacy, relationships, sexuality and disabilities

Facilitating Conferences, Congress or Symposium on all themes related to intimacy, relationships, sex education, and discussion groups