Professional training in Resident living and specialized structures

My trainings of professionals are created specifically those working for associations, group homes for disabled residents or elderly, special schools, etc.

We cover theoretical and practical aspects of human sexuality in order to better facilitate the professional team about how they intervene in daily intimate and relationship issues.

I aim to guide the professionals in understanding the specific intimacy, relationship and sexual needs of a group of children, teens, adults or seniors living in an institutional environment : intellectual, sensory or physical disabilities, autism spectrum, mental health, etc.

We must take into consideration national and international laws and how the residents and professionals are concerned as they accompany intimate issues on a daily basis.

We also explore all of the teaching tools to facilitate communication and learning about creating new relationships and the use and risks of meeting on social networks, exploring loving relationships, sexualities, risk prevention and STI’s, etc.

Objectives of Professional training

Professional training for medical, paramedical, teaching and special education professionals about intimacy, relationships and sexuality as it is pertinent to their work environment and the people they care for.

Determine an institutional philosophy and engagement that allows patients or residents to live their private sphere, their relationships or their sexuality in a positive and respectful way

  • Training to facilitate Discussion Groups
  • University or Work environment training programs
  • On-site professional consultation and group analysis
  • National and International associations and NGOs
Formation Professionnelle Sexualité et Handicap