Discussion Group Facilitation

Discussion Groups organized for people with disabilities of all ages :
For children “My body, my emotions – getting to know myself and others”
For teens and adults “My body, my desires, my relationships, my responsibility”

To allow participants to express their needs, desires and questions about intimacy, and they questions they ask themselves about relationships, sexuality, projects for the future, etc.

To allow each participant to have more information about : the female and male body and how they work, what they think about sexual and erotic relationships, contraception, prevention of STIs and sexual violence, etc.

To allow each participant to have more knowledge and personal understanding about going into relationships and intimate relationships, to have more knowledge about the law, social or institutional rules and how we all are impacted by them.

To allow each participant to explore the good and the not-so-good of social media, dating websites and pornography in our lives.

To allow each participant to question what it means to share a relationship with someone of their choice, each person’s needs the ups and downs of a relationship, communication within a relationship, etc.

To allow each participant to explore their desire – or not, to be a parent, what it means to care for a child or to be important in the life of a child without being a parent.

To allow each participant the possibility to explore where they can find help or council if they have questions, have difficulties or feel that they are in danger.

Groupe de Parole Éducation Sexuelle Handicap - Sheila Warembourg

Objectives of Discussion Groups

  • To find confidence by taking part and expressing oneself thanks to facilitation and communication tools, appropriate and accessible vocabulary, sharing of personal experience in a protected environment;
  • To learn from others,
  • To explore and assume personal choices and relationships due to a better understanding of mutual consent,
  • To encourage taking personal responsibility and self-determination
Groupe de Parole sur la sexualité avec personnes en situation de handicap