Comprehensive Sexuality Education Programs

I will put my over 20 years of experience with different ages and populations, to help your Government Public Health Administration, Association, School District, School or Special School etc. to create a comprehensive sexuality education program.

My conception of a Comprehensive Sexuality Education is one of a lifelong path that allows each person to acquire all the competence necessary to be responsible and self determined.

  • Opening communication lines
  • Being responsible in ones intimate life choices
  • Understanding one’s body, sensual and sexual body
  • Understanding one’s own needs, desires and fantasies
  • Better understanding other’s – how their sensual and sexual body works, how to be aware and listen to a partners needs, desires, fantasies and consent
  • Understanding the complexities of relationships, flirting, jalousie, contentment, heartbreak, pornography, social media, etc.
  • To have the knowledge necessary to avoid Sexually Transmitted Infections, unwanted pregnancy, and sexual violence
  • Learning to be able to say NO when the touching or relationship is unwanted and how to say YES when all the conditions are met
  • Exploring the idea that sexuality is an opportunity to experience pleasure – alone or with a chosen partner – and to create an erotic experience throughout life.
Cours éducation sexuelle école collège et lycée - sheila warembourg

Why create Comprehensive Sexuality Education Programs

As the World Health Organisation encourages, create a life enriching program that allows children to better understand their bodies, its function, to better understand what is private, what is public, getting to understand their emotions, how to protect themselves from unwanted touching or social media solicitation, what vocabulary we use, etc.

As the World Health Organisation encourages, to continue the learning process throughout the teen years, create a life enriching program that allows teens to be aware of themselves, their bodies, needs, desires and those of others or their partner, what does gender mean and mean to them, question different intimate practice, know how to affirm and protect themselves, how to ensure mutual consent, know where to find help when necessary, be abstinent when they choose to be abstinent and be responsible when they choose to have an intimate or sexual relationship, question the responsibilities of parenthood, etc.

Programme Education Affective Relationnelle et Sexuelle