Evening Debate and Discussion for Parents

Helping your child, teen or young adult: strategies to treat intimacy, relationships and sexuality with your child and create communication within the family environment

A few ideas about intimacy, relationships and sexuality throughout the life of a child, adolescent and young adult. Then,

  • Intimacy for your child
  • Intimate space for everyone in the family
  • Intimacy for the couple
  • Create and elaborate a social network to avoid lonliness
  • The use and misuse of internet, apps, social networks and pornography
  • What limits, off-limits and appropriate moments can mean for a child
  • Future relationships – intimacy vs sexual relationships
  • Consent, protection and contraception

Other subjects to be treated:

Education projects and easy to understand teaching tools

Parent – teacher co-education coherence that allows an educational structure for social and intimate relationships from childhood, through adolescence and into adulthood.

Associations and help groups

Treating specific problems

Débats entre Parents pour Communiquer avec son enfant sur sa vie intime