Professional training to facilitate discussion groups

To acquire the necessary competence to set the groundwork, animate and evaluate discussion groups and education initiatives about all subjects related to relationships, intimacy and sexuality.

Discover, use and create communication and teaching tools that answer to the special and specific needs of children and adults.

Formation Groupe de paroles Sexualité et Handicap - Sheila Warembourg

This training is based on a 6 day program: 3 days + 3 days

For optimum results, the participants need to be in an all inclusive environment where training, meals and lodging are all on-site.

Formation Sexualité et Handicap de Professionnels de la santé

Objectives of the professional training

Theoretical and practical workshop: education initiatives, information and facilitation of discussion groups about relationships, intimacy and sexuality for people with disabilities or other specific populations

  • Theoretical knowledge about sexuality pertinent to facilitating discussion groups
  • Protocol for starting and running a discussion group program
  • Rules and guidelines of good practice
  • The role, attitude and posture of the facilitators
  • Role play and analysis of each facilitation
  • Content and progress of the different subjects
  • Communication and teaching tools: how to use, already existent or need to be created
  • Progress, continuity and closure
  • Evaluation
Formation Professionnelle Sexualité et Handicap